Letting agents work profitably with Honest Relocation renting houses and flats on a long term basis

Agents benefit from long term, stable, secure income knowing properties are kept in better condition and involve less work leasing to Honest Relocation than renting to standard tenants

Business, hospital and university professionals, contractors and corporate guests come to Honest Relocation, working in conjunction with Agents, to house short/medium/longer term project staff comfortably when they are working away from home

Facilitating these ongoing relationships and services enables Honest Relocation to deepen business links with clients, in turn leading to further property lease opportunities for Agents

Without time-consuming tenant management, letting agents maintain long term management fee benefits

Agents may work with multi let/HMO/probate/distressed properties they would not usually have considered because Honest Relocation can refurbish them

Agent advantages

No need to find tenants

No need to manage tenants

No need to manage property

Tenant find fee remains payable by landlord

Despite reduced workload, Agent income maintained

Additional revenue stream from previously avoided properties

Agents fees continue to be chargeable to Honest Relocation cf unlawfulness residential fees